Retail Lighting Design Tutorials Introduction
Retail Lighting Design Tutorials Introduction

This video is the introduction for the retail lighting design tutorials. Watch the upcoming series of tutorials for retail lighting. 

Retail Lighting Design

Hi, this is Nelca Roco and I am your instructor for this lighting design tutorial.  

I've working as a lighting designer for almost 8 years now. In this tutorial, I will guide you on how the retail lighting design is being made.  I will also teach you the tips and tricks on how to:

1.  Use the software

2.  Choose the right luminaire

3.  Create the right effect for a retail lighting design

Do you know the objectives of retail lighting?

1.  Is it all about grabbing the attention of customers?

2.  Providing the right ambiance

3.  Giving customers the reason to stay

Have you heard the Limbic Lighting?

Can you differentiate the characters of these brands?

Have you notice the interest of the people who enters these stores?

Is lighting really affect the brand?

Lighting for retail is not about age, wealth, ethics or sex.  It is about the emotional settings and preconditions.

Do you know that light strongly influences shoppers well-being and level of activation? 

Have you heard that different target groups react differently to specific light settings?

Do you know that customers who feel positive and has high activation levels stays longer and buy more?

Is there really a lighting design standard for retail lighting?

Are you curious about the types of luminaires used in retail stores?

Have you heard of:


- Color Temperature

- Macadam

- Beam optics

Do you know that there are different ways on how to light a retail shop? 


These are some of the questions that we will discuss in our retail lighting design tutorial.  We will be using Dialux evo software and we will tell you firsthand on how to handle a retail lighting design inquiry from the client based on our own experience.

Join us and lets explore how to do the retail lighting design.  Impress your boss and your clients and make yourself proud in the making!

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See you in the on-line classroom!

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