This fourth book is all about being an effective lighting designer.  You might be thinking of the word “effective” because you can become a lighting designer anytime you like in today's technology.  By just watching Youtube videos and learning the software, you can become a lighting designer.  But we all know that this is not enough.  How to become THE lighting designer takes a little deeper than that. 

Therefore, this book will give you some recommendation on becoming the lighting designer that every client, employer, and society needs.

This book will discuss the ten things you need to understand to succeed in this passionate career.  These are:

1.  Appreciating the Light

2. Studying the Standards

3. Learning the Software

4. Studying Basic Electrical Engineering

5. Studying Basic Architecture

6. Studying Basic Psychology

7. Studying Basic Physics

8. Studying Sustainability

9. Learning How to Collaborate

10. Learning How to Explain Your Design

How to Become an Effective Lighting Designer

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