Office Lighting Design Education

This is the best series of lectures to discuss on how Office Lighting Design can be achieved.  This lecture will comprise of 8 hours thru lecture and hands-on.


Intro to Office Lighting



Office lighting is so important in the work environment. It will enhance or destroy the work perfoemance of every employees. 

Office Lighting Guide (LG-7)



We will discuss here what is 500 lux and where it is located. What is UGR and how to avoid it. Everything about the Lighting design standards to be followed by lighting designers to comply with the lighting design requirements.

Office Luminaires



Office lighting is different from residential lighting or hospital lighting. In this subject, we will discuss what types of luminaires or light fitings are applicable for office applications.

Lighting design hands-on



In this subject, we will teach on how to do the office lighting design calculations using Dialux evo software.  We will compare different products and we will know how to get the IES files from the manufacturers.

Interpret the calculation results



In this subject, we will discuss what are the meaning of the results you achieved based on the lighting design calculations you created.  We will also discuss the meaning of pseudo-colours and value points.




After the design and installation of lights in the office, it is necessary to check if the lux level and uniformity has been achieved.  Also, if the installation and aiming is correct.  Commissioning report is the activity and legal documentation for checking the it.

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Instructor Biography

Nelca Roco has been working as Lighting Designer at ZumtobelGroup for 8 years now. Her first based experience gave her the edge to teach the techniques on how to design lighting. She is a licensed architect and a LEED AP.  She is now pursuing the LC certification at IALD.

To find out more about her, check her Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account.

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